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Am I in the wrong bathroom?

flush and run!!

There's a ____ in the ____'s room!!
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This community is for anyone who: is *mistaken* for another gender, is passing as another gender, has transitioned to another gender, is androgynous, is a drag king/queen, tranny boy/girl, transman, transwoman, tomboy, butch, faggy dyke, nelly boy, femme boy, or any other combination or unstated label type-person that has a story to share about their experiences in the gender blur.
Funny? Yes! Sad? Yes. Tell what you will. Be it laughter, tears, empathy, rage, pride; we in this community will understand and relate.
Please be respectful when commenting.

The moderator is fishyfishface.
If you have any comments or suggestions, or user icons, let me know!